Body in top form

Feed the body, nourish the soul: With sport and a balanced, well thought-out diet, you can achieve both goals effortlessly!

I will help you with this: with tailor-made training plans and individual nutrition plans, you will not only succeed in getting rid of excess pounds, but also in staying slim and fit in the long term.

Because it is not short-term weight loss and a momentary improvement in figure and appearance that are important to me: “Only those who feel good in their bodies in the long term and can maintain their weight are well advised. This includes a diet that not only helps you lose weight but is also easy to maintain in everyday life.” The most important goal is to be satisfied with your own reflection.

You are well advised with a personal plan

A long-term, permanent change of diet is the path I show you. Without starving yourself and without absolutely having to give up anything! I will create a professional figure plan according to your individual wishes: whether more muscles, better definition, more vitality, hormone balance or simply less circumference on hips, buttocks and belly.

I will show you how to achieve it! Without sacrificing anything, without hours of training: “Much more important than a high training workload and a low calorie intake is the know-how about the combination of both elements” Only those who cleverly combine nutrition and exercise and link both methods with each other can get the best out of both areas. In doing so, I rely on the right method at the right time. For example, it is important to support the muscles with energy-giving carbohydrates or muscle-building proteins at the right moment.

Have your fridge

Checking your fridge and pantry is very helpful on the way to a healthy, figure-friendly diet. “Here you can see exactly which personal preferences and figure traps exist in everyday life. Show me your fridge and I’ll tell you which figure type you are. Especially convenience foods, products with high simple sugar content and starchy foods should disappear from the kitchen in the long run. With my help, you can turn those figure traps in the kitchen into a healthy, fitness-oriented feast zone – and you won’t have to give up your favourite foods or go hungry!

In focus:
More vitality and well-being

People who are healthy and fit get sick less often. The immune system is strengthened by regular exercise and a balanced diet rich in vital substances. Performance increases, concentration improves. You feel more powerful and full of energy. Your heart works more economically and powerfully, your vessels become more resistant, not to mention your new body feeling: you will feel great when you achieve your sporting goals!

Set goals: With personal motivation, everything works out!

You want to reach a certain dress size, take part in a competition, achieve a certain look? No matter what goal you have in mind: I will help you with professional knowledge, my own experience and competent planning to get closer to this goal step by step. The following applies: big goals may take a little more time, small goals come within reach more quickly. Whatever drives you: It is only a question of planning, consistent implementation and enjoyment of sport and nutrition that determines the success of your plan. Not only with professional planning of nutrition and training, but also with above-average service: “For me, it is very important to be reliably available for my clients.

Just write me a message with your request and I will contact you shortly.