Whey protein

Whey protein is probably one of the best-known and most popular sources of protein in bodybuilding and fitness. It is absorbed very quickly by the body and quickly supplies the muscle with important proteins for building muscle. Whey protein is preferably drunk with water, it does not become creamy like e.g. component protein.

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Component protein

A component protein always consists of several protein sources such as whey protein, milk protein, casein, chicken protein or soy protein. Component proteins are usually consumed with milk, and KP are often used as a snack between meals or as the last meal of the day. For example, SRS-Muscle’s High Protein is a component protein with the protein sources whey isolate, whey concentrate and lactose-reduced milk protein. I advise against soy proteins as they disrupt hormone balance.


The casein protein is used by most athletes as the last meal before bedtime, it is also preferably drunk with milk and becomes very creamy. Casein is digested very slowly and thus provides the muscles with proteins over a longer period of time. This makes casein the perfect night protein.

Vegan proteins

For vegetarians and vegans, for whom animal protein sources are not an option, but only vegetable proteins, proteins from rice or pea flour are suitable.