Gainer & Energy

The hectic pace of everyday life and the daily demands of work take their toll on body, mind and soul. The general physical condition fluctuates at certain times. Tiredness and exhaustion can occur. In addition, there is a latent dissatisfaction with one’s own body.

The image in the mirror does not correspond to the ideal desired image. One wants to gain weight and indiscriminately stuffs himself with excessive food, another wants to lose weight and does without valuable food. Both types are unsuccessful in their own way and risk deficiency symptoms or illness.

Scientific findings in the field of nutrition have proven the connection between lifestyle, individual performance and specific nutrition. It has become possible to positively influence health and visual appearance with knowledge about one’s own body and experience of how nutrients work. Sport and exercise are prerequisites for success.

The composition of your daily diet is decisive for how you manage your day, with which mood you start it and in which condition you end it. People with an active lifestyle eat consciously and mix their specific meals according to their needs.

With the support of mass gainers, you can increase your muscle build-up and gain weight. Carbohydrates, protein and fat are basic building blocks for cell growth. Together with water, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, they keep our body’s own power plant stable.

Whole foods are the basis for a smooth metabolism. It influences our shape and mental resilience. The type of carbohydrates (long-chain or short-chain), the proportions of dietary fats as well as protein help determine the formation of fat in the organs or the build-up of muscle.

Maltodextrin is a water-soluble carbohydrate mixture obtained by hydrolysis of starch. It is obtained from corn starch and contains various types of sugar. The name was derived from maltose (malt sugar) and dextrose (glucose). It is almost tasteless. Maltodextrin is water-soluble, but forms a viscous, sticky mass. It is used, among other things, for calorie enrichment of food in dietetics and as the main energy source in special medical foods.

Because of its readily available carbohydrates, it can be found as a component of sports nutrition, in sports drinks (e.g. isotonic drinks) and foods (e.g. high-calorie gels). Whether athletes or non-athletes – in appropriate concentrations, maltodextrin is there for everyone.

Waxy maize starch (WMS) is a high-molecular, complex and long-chain carbohydrate. It is free of sugar and lactose. Its advantage is, for example, that it can replenish glycogen stores in the body faster than dextrose. Shortest time with liquid. The water-soluble WMS is mixed with water in a shaker. With its neutral taste, it can be used as an admixture in other variations.
Waxy maize starch is quickly absorbed by the body and supplies the tissue cells in suitable.

Nutritious breakfast with Instant Oats

Many people leave the house without breakfast in the morning because they don’t take the time. But breakfast is important for a good start to the day. Oat flakes (oats) are rich in important energy sources and are easy on the digestive organs.

Instant oats contain important fibre, fat, carbohydrates and protein.

They are rich in essential fatty acids and have an iron content comparable to meat. Among other things, oats help regulate blood sugar, lower cholesterol, are effective for weight loss and a strong partner for muscle building.
While the natural flakes take longer to soak, the instant products are quick to prepare. Enriched with fruit and nuts, they are a perfect breakfast and valuable sports nutrition. They are easy to mix in a shaker with water, milk or fruit juice. Flakes and powder are also suitable for baking and cooking.