Muscle building

Everyone who is interested in weight training or bodybuilding has the dream of building muscles.
But how does this dream come true?
Which training is the best?
How many sets and repetitions are effective?
How often and how long should the training go on?

Many questions, and if you look around on the internet or in a gym, you will get thousands of different answers. With this article I would like to teach you the basics of muscle building in more detail from my point of view and I hope that this article can help you.

First of all, I would like to say that successful muscle building does not only consist of training, but also of the right nutrition. If you think that going to the gym is enough and eat mostly fast food and convenience food, you are wrong.
In my opinion, the correct diet accounts for 80% of muscle building. If you have been eating such products, you should remove them from your diet and replace them with high-quality proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Fish, eggs, lean meat, rice, potatoes, cottage cheese, vegetables and fruit should now be on the menu.

Which exercise is right for me and on which machine do I do it?

Most gyms have a large equipment park where some people don’t know where to start. In most cases, the trainers in the studios are not very competent. You do a set here and a set there, all over the place, and then you’re surprised that the muscle building doesn’t work.
A basic distinction is made between Machine training and free training.
I recommend beginners to start with training on machines, because with machine training you have precise guidance, in contrast to free training, and the risk of injury is lower. Again and again you hear that machine training is for children or women. Experienced athletes also use machines to give their muscles new stimuli.

Sets and repetitions

In my opinion, you should do 8-10 sets for large muscles and 4-6 sets for small muscles. For muscle building I recommend between 8 – 10 repetitions, for strength building 4 – 6 repetitions and for fat loss / definition 8-10 and 10 – 15 repetitions. In order to prevent stagnation (standstill) of the muscle build-up, I recommend that you make a precise plan.
Very high repetitions over 25 with clean execution have also proven to be effective. (rather for advanced users)

This plan could look like this:

Woche 1 – 6: 4 – 6 repetitions

Woche 7 – 12: 8- 10 repetitions

Woche 13 – 18: 10 – 15 repetitions

Woche 19 – 21: short anti-stagnation workout

By changing the range of repetitions, you keep giving the muscle a new stimulus and thus reduce the risk of stagnation.

How long should a training session last?

Pure strength training should not last longer than 45 – 60 minutes (cardio training not included). A lot does not help much. Training sessions of 2-3 hours are much too long, the muscle overacidifies and you get into a catabolic state. With a training session of 2-3 hours you achieve exactly the opposite, the body breaks down muscle.

Every body is different and there is no one training plan that works for everyone. You should try out everything and not bury your head in the sand if something doesn’t work.