Fat loss

Fat loss made easy – with the right combination of fitness and nutrition

Do you want to lose weight and, above all, lose fat and build up muscle mass?
Or do you even dream of a six-pack?

In order to achieve this goal, it is important to reduce the body fat percentage, because only then do muscles become visible at all. However, it is not enough to train only a certain area of your body, such as the abdominal muscles, because this training programme would not sufficiently stimulate fat burning.
Starvation is also not effective. It slows down your metabolism so that the body goes into a kind of economy mode and no longer burns fat to get through the periods without food. Hormone production suffers. So a different plan is needed. But what is a suitable fat loss strategy?

Successfully lose fat – what really matters

The right combination of a sensible food intake and an effective fitness plan is important to permanently reduce fat and build muscle. The following three points are therefore essential for fat loss:


How much food can be consumed?
Which nutrients are particularly important for fat loss?

Which fitness measures are particularly suitable for burning fat?
What kind of exercise is better to avoid?


How long can you keep up the new lifestyle?
Will you fall back into old patterns sooner or later?

The last point in particular is often underestimated, although it plays a significant role in successfully losing fat.

Lose fat with the right diet

To stimulate fat burning, it is important to keep blood sugar stable.
The best results are achieved with complex carbohydrates and the highest proportion of carbohydrates around training.
Carbohydrates are also needed for regeneration processes.
The better the regeneration capacity, the better the fat loss.

Nutrient distribution

Complex carbohydrates at every meal – Simple carbohydrates are allowed, especially in the morning and around training.
Protein – 1.5 to 1.8 grams per kilogram of body weight.
This ensures that the muscles you already have are maintained during fat loss.

The last important nutrient is fat. A complete renunciation is not effective.
Consume about 1 to 1.2 grams of fat per kilogram of body weight per day to optimally stimulate fat burning.
Concentrate on healthy fats from nuts, fatty fish, healthy oils or olives.

Five tips for the right diet to help burn fat

Now that you know the basics of the right fat-burning diet plan, the following five tips are sure to help you put the theory into practice:

Tip: Avoid convenience foods!

They contain many artificial additives that hinder your natural feeling of satiety. As a result, you eat more than you actually need to. Instead, concentrate on fresh and natural foods. This way you will be full faster and consume fewer calories.

Tip: Stay away from white flour and sugar!

White flour is highly processed and contains almost no nutrients.
The simple carbohydrates in white flour and sugar rapidly raise blood
blood sugar levels rise rapidly. Due to the resulting strong release of insulin, cravings are pre-programmed.
Exceptions before and during exercise!

Tip: Consume 30 grams of protein with every meal!

They are important for maintaining muscle mass. Good sources of protein are nuts and pulses as well as meat and fish. A high-quality protein powder can also be useful as a dietary supplement.

Tip: Don’t skip meals!

For fat burning it is necessary that your digestion is constantly in motion.
Five to six small meals a day are optimal. This ensures a continuous supply of food to the body. Cravings are avoided through the continuous intake of food.

Tip: Follow the 30-minute rule for breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It boosts the metabolism and provides the body with everything it needs. Eat breakfast no later than 30 minutes after getting up. A mixture of long-chain carbohydrates, healthy fats and lots of proteins is ideal.

With these tips, you are well equipped to integrate the new diet plan into your daily routine.

Effective training for fast fat loss

Of course, you shouldn’t give up exercise completely, because with the right exercise programme you help your body to burn fat even better and at the same time preserve your valuable muscle mass. This way, you don’t just lose weight, but also help your body to look toned and healthy.

I recommend the following training combination for effective fat loss:

Step 1: Strength training to build muscle mass.

Step 2: Interval training to boost metabolism

Only with a combination of both training units will you quickly reach your goal.

Why is strength training so important for fat loss?

To burn fat, it always makes sense to build up muscles. Because: Every kilogram of muscle consumes up to 100 kilocalories a day, regardless of whether you are moving or lying on the sofa.
Especially during a diet, however, there is a calorie deficit, which often causes the body to lose muscle so that it can save calories. However, this is certainly not beneficial for fat loss, because it also reduces the energy requirement.
This leads to the dreaded yo-yo effect. If, on the other hand, you continue to build up muscles through targeted strength training, you are signalling to your body that the muscles are needed and should not be lost. Instead, it will now use up the fat deposits to obtain energy.

What is the importance of interval training for fat burning?

You should also plan interval endurance training a few days a week. This involves permanently alternating phases of low exertion with stages of high exertion. The following example shows how interval training could be designed in concrete terms:

  • Jog for five minutes at an easy pace.
  • Sprint for one minute at maximum speed.
  • Now jog again at a relaxed pace for one minute.
  • Now increase the pace again for one minute.

You repeat these steps until the end of the training. Always end the session by jogging loosely for 5 minutes. Increase the interval training slowly and start with only two sets. A set always consists of a jogging stage and a sprinting stage. Then increase the number of sets bit by bit until you have ten sets. With this type of training, you optimally stimulate fat burning because the metabolism is still elevated hours after the fitness training and thus burns fat to get energy again. Of course, you can also use the same strategy to train on a bicycle ergometer if you don’t like jogging outdoors. Jumping rope, hitting and tabatas are also effective fat-burning workouts that take very little time.

With perseverance to success

The most important basis for burning fat is definitely the right diet.
Reducing body fat works even better if you also follow an effective training plan. However, neither of these measures will be crowned with success if you lose your stamina after a short time and fall back into your old patterns. Perseverance is therefore at least as important for fat burning as a suitable food intake and the right training programme.

Developing this continuity is actually quite easy:
After a few weeks, you’ll notice how the right diet and the optimal training get into your blood and become a habit. And as soon as you get used to something, it will be much easier for you not to lose your way and to stay fit permanently.