Amino acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Amino acids are divided into 3 groups. The non-essential amino acids, the essential amino acids and the semi-essential amino acids.

The difference between the 3 groups is that the non-essential amino acids are produced by the body itself, the essential amino acids must be taken in with food, and the semi-essential amino acids are those for which the body’s own production is often not completely sufficient in stressful situations such as training or stress.

Different types of amino acids are also distinguished according to their occurrence:
>> D- << denotes artificial amino acids
>> L- << denotes natural amino acid
>> DL- << denotes amino acids that consist of both forms.

Non-essential amino acids:

– Alanin
– Asparagin
– Asparaginsäure
– Glutamin
– Glutaminsäure
– Glycin
– Prolin
– Serin


Semi-essential amino acids:

– Arginine
– Histidine
– cysteine
– Tyrosine


Essential amino acids:

– Isoleucine
– Leucine
– Lysine
– methionine
– phenylalanine
– threonine
– tryptophan
– valine
– Histidine
– Arginine

Natural sources of amino acids:

Alanine: egg, meat, oats, maize, whey, rice.

Asparagine: egg(protein), potatoes, fruit juices, nuts

Aspartic acid: egg(protein), meat, fruit juices, nuts

Glutamine: Meat, fruit juices, vegetables, potatoes, whey, wheat

Glutamic acid: meat, fruit juices, vegetables, potatoes, whey, wheat

Glycine: gelatine, oats, liver, nuts, beef

Proline: fruit juices, milk, wheat germ

Serine: egg, milk, oats

Isoleucine: Curd cheese, cheese, meat, egg, milk protein, nuts

Leucine: egg, oats, millet, cocoa, maize, whey products

Lysine: egg, meat, potatoes, lentils, milk protein, whey products

Methionine: egg, fish, liver, maize, nuts

Phenylalanine: egg, peanuts, pumpkin, rice

Threonine: egg, peas, whey, beef, wheat germ

Tryptophan: bananas, milk, whey, nuts, cottage cheese, fish

Valine: egg, meat, milk, rice, oatmeal

Histidine: bananas, fish, beef

Arginine: sultanas, milk, nuts, rice, wheat germ

Cysteine: egg, meat, oats, maize

Tyrosine: peas, peanuts, milk