…without them nothing works

In the course of my time and experience as a personal trainer, I have become familiar with the field of hormones, because without the balance of hormones we are neither able to perform, feel well nor lose weight. Our hormonal system is like a clockwork that meshes like cogs. There are several hormone axes.

The thyroid, the adrenal glands, the steroid hormones. If any axis is out of balance, the other hormones also suffer. Hormone regulation takes place on all levels, it must be considered and treated individually and holistically!


…the biggest hormone killer
…both in women and men

If you take a look at the chart, it quickly becomes clear that the calming hormone progesterone and the grandmother hormone pregnenolone quickly turn into cortisol (stress hormone). We deprive ourselves of our hormones.

Not only everyday stress at work and in everyday life, but also too much sport, excessive cardio training and trauma lead to these conditions. I teach you more about these mechanisms in my counselling.

Conscious time-outs or relaxation techniques can help.

This is why conventional diets and excessive forms of nutrition fail (stress metabolism).

The stress metabolism

…not a diet aid

“I always lose weight when I’m stressed!” Some people are familiar with such statements. When we are under stress, and the body is already under stress when we don’t eat breakfast, fast or have a long time between meals, the liver releases sugar. When this store is empty (approx. 150g of carbohydrates), gluconeogenesis begins. Sugar is then built from proteins (muscle protein) to increase the blood sugar level and supply the brain.

These processes are very stressful for the body. When insulin levels are low and carbohydrates are deprived, lipolysis also begins.

Fat is broken down and becomes ketone bodies, which supply our body again and again via this stress metabolism. The result – hormone imbalances

It all starts with the blood sugar level

…the body does not like roller coaster rides

If the blood sugar level is not stable, there is always a dysbalance of the hormone axes. If we eat a meal very rich in sugar (wheat, sweets…) the blood sugar level rises quickly, the pancreas reacts with insulin to transport the sugar quickly into the cells. Usually it then produces too much and the blood sugar drops rapidly, the body responds with ravenous hunger or even hypoglycaemic symptoms such as aggressiveness, tiredness, trembling, headaches.

The body recognises this state as a danger and reacts with adrenaline to raise the sugar again. This is a stress response. Insulin also increases androgens and LH. This in turn always leads to too much oestrogen. Oestrogen dominance!

Sugar yes, it’s the timing that counts!

Intestine and liver

…no balance without you

Hormones can only work properly if the intestines and the liver are working properly. Therefore, it is important to support the intestines and the liver in their work. The intestinal bacteria regulate our hormone balance. They reduce inflammation and strengthen our immune system.

You can find out more about the individual hormones, deficiencies and what the body temperature reveals on my Instagram page.

Flabby, moody, weight problems, loss of libido, hair loss, sleep disorders and much more.

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