DANIELA KRACHT (born Hatscher)


Fitness specialist –
Personal Trainer,  Online & Hormon Health Coach

self-employed since 2015, with full passion coach and athlete


171 cm

Onseason: 58kg
Offseason: 65kg

Onseason: < 10%
Offseason: 15-19%

1/2 2017
V-Europameisterin Frauen Performance WBBF
Etten-Leur (Niederlande)

1/2 2017
V-Deutsche Meisterin Frauen Figur NAC

1/2 2017
V-Westdeutsche Meisterin Frauen Figur NAC

1/2 2017
V-Deutsche Meisterin Frauen Athletik WBBF

1/2 2017
5. Newcomer Frauen Figur Frey Classic NAC

Juorin/Kampfrichterin WFF-WBBF Germany

Juorin CIBB Germany - WBBF

Juorin CIBB Germany - WBBF


My name is Daniela, I was born in Düsseldorf in 1987, am happily married and have a son.

In my childhood, I was already active in sports in a swimming and gymnastics club.

At a very early age, I passed the German Sport Badge and won various sporting competitions. In my late teens I suffered from an eating disorder. I acquired all the knowledge I could about bodily functions and nutrition.
With strength training I was able to overcome my eating disorder and keep my figure until I became pregnant. 25 kg remained after the birth. I fell back.

I decided to start weight training again and began training at home until my first competition preparation in 2014. In 2015, I completed 13 licences at the BSA Academy in Cologne. In 2017, the highlight of my sporting career took place and I competed in 5 competitions in a row. I ended my time of competitive bodybuilding with the runner-up title of the Wbbf European Championship. My thyroid and other metabolic systems suffered so much from the hard competition phase that I acquired all the knowledge about hormones, educated myself and in the implementation with full success my hormonal system and thyroid could regenerate. From this I learned:

“There is more than conventional medicine”.

I regularly continue my education in the areas of holistic medicine and physical fitness.

Working with my clients has shown me that fitness and a healthy body is more than diet and exercise.

You only have this one house! The residents tell you what you need.
I pay attention to a balanced diet, according to goals and needs.
It is important that the food is as unprocessed and fresh as possible.
I buy regional and seasonal products and try to avoid plastic.

I also snack! That’s Life!
The inhabitants of your home need the right components in the right quantities to function!

A healthy lifestyle is a daily task. Every day our body needs small components to perform all bodily functions correctly.

This is an interplay of attitude, exercise and nutrition. That is motivation.
The task is to stay healthy and fit as long as possible!

And I would like to share this motivation and conviction with you!